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Alert! Alert! Hedgehog Numbers on Alert! Oh yes, did you hear about Sonic Colours?

November 11, 2010

This is the epitome of hitting two birds with one stone. As those of you based in the UK may know hedgehog numbers are on the decline and are dwindling dangerously close to threatened status. About 50 000 are killed each year due to road accidents, as well as a great chunk of their habitat being wiped out by agriculture, and about a third of their population has been scooped out in the last decade – that’s 300 000 less hedgehogs.  There’s been a 37% fall in Scotland, and East England has seen a recorded 28% drop. Well done, humanity.

Why may SEGA be interested? Because their mascot happens to be a hedgehog. Furthermore, their hedgehog mascot stars in the recent title, Sonic Colours for the Wii and DS. So, to raise awareness for the hedgehog’s plight and publicity for their new game, some bright marketer at SEGA came up with this:

In south-west London a ‘hedgehog road crossing’ has been conducted, with crossing guards holding a stop sign featuring a famous spiky blue mug and stopping traffic so that hedgehogs may safely pass under the metal noses of waiting cars. The hedgehogs’ handler, Trevor Smith, said:

Our hedgehogs had great fun ruling the roads for the day with the hedgehog crossing and it will hopefully encourage everyone to do their bit in helping the hedgehogs of Britain stick around for years to come,

A charming idea – and while I’m sure it’s generating some interest for the game, I hope it’s not also spurring some road rage channelled at the little guys in spikes. Too bad they haven’t all got speedy shoes.

Sonic Colours will be seeing release over the next week.

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  1. maxcady128 permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:46 pm

    Baaw, look at little fellow and those red boots. So adorable.

    For those of you reading, yes this is for real, it’s featured on The Daily Mail:

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