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Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets two OVA tie-ins

November 9, 2010

Suggestive image is suggestive!

After the original Valkyria Chronicles title got it’s own anime series, Sega’s  latest RPG is also getting an anime send-up:

SEGA held a press conference for Valkyria Chronicles 3, they teased this press conference last week.  So what did we find out? First thing that was shown was the game’s theme song. It is called ” Moshimo Kimi ga Negau no Nara” and it is by pop star May’n. I guess the song will be the first single for her 2nd upcoming album, which will hit store shelves on February 23rd.

SEGA also said they are working on a two volume VC3 OVA (original video animation).  The planned animation videos will feature the voice cast from the game and is set to be released next Spring. They will be available first on the Playstation Store.


Source: 4Gamers via SegaBits

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