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Dreamcast Classics Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2 coming to PSN/XBLA!

October 20, 2010

True to their word, Sega wants to keep on releasing another batch of Dreamcast classics onto XBLA and PSN:

Sega’s just announced Space Channel 5: Part Two and Sega Bass Fishing will be coming to PSN and XBLA next spring.

Both titles will be “remastered” from their previous Dreamcast state.

The two titles follow in the release of Sonic Adventures and Crazy Taxi to both services recently.

SP5: P2 released in 2003 in Europe for Dreamcast and PS2, but the latter was not released in the UK. Sega Bass Fishing released for DC in 1999.

Space Channel 5: Part Two sees reporter Ulala take on “the Rhythm Rogues—a group of villains led by the mysterious Purge and his right-hand man.”

Sega Bass Fishing is for those who are properly hardcore enough to go fishing virtually, but not in real life. Salute.

Source: VG24/7

Those two titles are a surprising and rather interesting addition to the list, the first reason is that one of them had already been re-released on Wii, so considering it’s “enchanced”, it’s probably the Wii source code. And Space Channel 5:Part 2 had a very limited stateside Dreamcast release, with the Playstation 2 version being released everywhere. Very interesting choices, indeed.

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