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Vanquish Demo: Mikami’s take

October 15, 2010

Everyone play the demos? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter, director of upcoming third-person shooter Vanquish, Shinji Mikami, is here to talk about them.

There have actually been two Vanquish demos so far in Japan. The Vanquish Official Demo – Velocity Attack was taken from the campaign mode of the game, while the Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo (currently available in Japan) is part of an unlockable extra mode. We called the stage used in Velocity Attack room number 110, and I have to admit that I forgot what the code name was for the challenge mode room. (I have the habit of being the guy who forgets everything the minute development is over…)

For those of you who played the demo of the attack in room 110, you’ll remember the game just sorta threw you into the action if you didn’t take the tutorial first. Mikami says in the final build you will have the opening cinematic, that is, the inital attack on San Francisco, and then the blazing entrance into the colony. From Mikami’s words, there sounds like there is a great deal of difference between the demo and the final build, specifically, in the design of the enemies. And it’s good to know the Director himself is so excited about his baby:

Even with the demo version, Vanquish is a game that is a blast to play again and again. I think it will be interesting to see the competition that sprouts up amongst skilled players playing the final version of the game. Vanquish isn’t a game that trails off towards the end, so you can expect a consistent level of quality to the very last bullet. Look forward to it next week!

In the run-up to the games launch, you can still familiarise yourself with all things Vanquish so you aren’t so stunned in gaming-nerd disbelief that your head blows off when you play the final build by checking out the Vanquish Blog at the Platinum Games Official Website.

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