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The Feel of the Game – Vanquish

October 14, 2010


"No running away!"


Takaaki Yamaguchi has recently posted on the Vanquish blog over at the Platinum Game website.  Animator for the enemies, the developer talks a little bit about what went into the game, and the surprising elements that came out. As Yamaguchi points out, if you’ve played the demo, you’ll have some idea about the mechanics and flow of the game. He says that normal shooter design revolves around:

“Remember the map, find a good spot, hide, then move.”

“If you get discovered, move to another hiding spot”

“Fire before you are fired upon.”

Well that’s pretty much every Halo game I’ve ever played. But, they instead designed for this, and in the words of director Shinji Mikami:

“No running away! Move forward!”

“I don’t want people crawling along or hiding under cover!”

“You’ll dodge bullets with a ‘woosh’!”

Yamaguchi says that the game, while being a third-person shooter, developed many action genre elements, that can be seen in the ‘flow and ebb of the game’, and the enemies that he himself animated.

I went about creating the enemy animations and it dawned on me that I wasn’t really creating shooter animations as much as I was creating action game animations

Above is a video provided by Yamaguchi about early design models of a ‘robot-terrier’. Check out the full article by following the link above.

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