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OutRun Online Arcade removed from XBLA/PSN

October 12, 2010

We can’t always post good news, I’m afraid. We also have to post these tear-jearking ones as well, as today, Sega has removed it’s latest Outrun game from digital download services:

SEGA has removed excellent racing game OutRun Online Arcade from Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store, Eurogamer can reveal.

The Sumo Digital-developed game was removed at SEGA’s request. “Due to the expiry of the contract with Ferrari, OutRun Online Arcade will remain offline on PSN and XBLA,” a SEGA spokesperson told Eurogamer.


SEGA’s comments suggest fans won’t see a new OutRun game until the Japanese company renews its licence with the famous Italian car manufacturer.

Source: Eurogamer

I hope it doesn’t take long, historically, Outrun games have always been well-received and this is no exception, it’s sad to see this happening but hopefully Sega and Ferrari can work this out. For the time being, gamers will likely have to look around for the PC version of Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, which is still widely available in stores.

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