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Sonic 20th Anniversary game will be like Sonic Colors, and another title as well

October 11, 2010

There’s one piece of news that has certainly kept everyone on jitters this weekend was a news piece that was posted on spanish website Sonic Paradise, it referred to a new Sonic game, codenamed Sonic Anniversary as well as third entry of the Mario&Sonic Olympic games. Yesterday, the same website got a quote from the spanish Sega branch claiming that the new title will be like Sonic Colors/Sonic Unleashed in the same that it will feature both 2D and 3D gameplay (quote in spanish):

El Anniversary es una recopilación/remake en 2D y 3D (como Unleashed dejó caer, pero no lo dijo claramente). Bueno, cuando dijo que era un remake de las mejores fases de Sonic, yo le pregunté “¿en 2D o en 3D?” y él dijo “en 2D y en 3D”, entonces yo le volvi a preguntar ¿¿pero en 2D y en 3D?? ( y le señalé el Colors), y dijo señalando al Colors “en 2D y en 3D”. Nos confirmó que sale para Wii, DS, PSP y PS3. 360 está aún por confirmar aunque es probable que tambien salga. Incluso para 3DS. Hizo mucho incapie en que era para TODAS.

Source: Sonic Paradise

What this Sega employee is saying is that this Sonic Anniversary game will be sorta of a hybrid of a compilation and a remake that will feature the best Sonic the Hedgehog levels in both 3D and 2D gameplay, in the same style as Sonic Colors. It will likely release on all platforms, though Xbox 360 is the only one who is still unconfirmed.

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