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Original Shenmue Sound Creator not too crazy about new Shenmue title

October 10, 2010

I’m sure the news about an upcoming Shenmue game has not gone unnoticed, and even less discrete are the very strong reactions about this news from fans, but it also appears that people who have worked on the original Dreamcast effort also feels the same way;

Murata responded to the news on Friday via his Twitter account. In addition to not appearing too favorable of the new project, he makes some surprising allegations based off conversations he claims to have had with people at Sega.

Wrote Murata on Friday following the announcement, “I have complicated feelings about Shenmue appearing on Yahoo! Mobage. I actually worked on Shenmue, working quite a bit with Yu (Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki). However, Yahoo! Mobage is being started up by a friend of mine.

“What makes this complicated for me is that Yu has lowered the quality. Shenmue above all else required top quality. There was no compromise for quality in Shenmue, and if there was compromise, Yu would get extremely angry as us. It was by being tossed around by this that the creativity of my current self was born. When I think about the the current state of Sega and Yu that required Shenmue to become a light game, I have complicated feelings.”

Oy, this certainly is foreboding, but the  most puzzling aspect of this announcement is that apparentely Sega has very little to do with this Shenmue City title, or so it seems:

Murata claims to have spoken with people at Sega who told him that Sega does not officially recognize Shenmue City. From what he’s heard, the game is being made as a venture between Yahoo! Mobage and another company that was formed by Yu Suzuki.

Wrote Murata, “The Yahoo! Mobage Shenmue is not Sega. I’m not sure what will happen at the time of formal release, though. If it looks like it will sell, Sega will probably make it official.”

It’s doubtful that a company as big as Yahoo! would publicize an unauthorized IP, so the way I’m reading Murata’s statements is that Sega has officially authorized the creation of Shenmue City, but they’ll be keeping quiet about it until determining its chances of success. It’s notable that the announcement only came from Yahoo! and (Yahoo! Mobage partner company) DeNA. Sega has yet to mention the project anywhere on its official site.

Source: AndriaSang

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