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This is not a joke: A new Shenmue game is coming to PC

October 7, 2010

I took a good long serious look at the article to make sure it wasn’t a nasty prank, but it appears to be real, it’s a new Shenmue game that planned for release on the PC:

The third Shenmue game has been announced at last! Sega is currently developing Shenmue City for Yahoo! Japan and DeNA’s new Yahoo! Mobage service.

Yahoo! Mobage is a PC-based social games service that saw its grand opening today. The service was running in beta since September 21. The name combines Yahoo!’s name with the name of DeNA’s hugely popular “Mobagetown” mobile service.

Shenmue City was listed by Yahoo! Japan and DeNA today as one of the premier titles for the new service. A press release from the two firms says that Shenmue City is the first entry in the Shenmue series in 8 years and will be released this Winter.

Source: AndriaSang

So it’s for a social/casual gaming portal, that’s an interesting choice, the way it sounds, it looks suspciously like Yu Suzuki’s long forgotten and MIA game Shenmue Online.


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