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About Yakuza 4’s content…

October 7, 2010

You can expect some stuff not be included in the western release of the game, however unlike the previous effort, Sega promises that Yakuza 4’s content cut will be less dramatic, unlike the infamous HostessGate scandal earlier this year:

There will be far fewer content cuts in the Western release of Yakuza 4 than in the previous overseas release of the Japanese video game crime series, a Sega of America representative told Kotaku yesterday.

Hostesses will be back as will be a hostess dress-up mini-games, elements that are sure to please non-Japanese gamers who like their Yakuza games pure and populated by signature elements of Tokyo culture.


Sega wants Westerners looking forward to Yakuza 4, a PlayStation 3 exclusive, to worry less. Not only with hostess clubs survive the game’s U.S. localization. So too will Mah-Jong which also had been excised from Yakzua 3, according to Sega’s Aaron Webber, who showed Kotaku the new game yesterday and was the community manager who had to settle down rowdy Yakuza 3 fans when they complained about the prior game’s cuts. Webber said all of the game’s side-quests “will pretty much be in there.” Pressed about that qualified statement, Webber said he was unaware of any cut side-quests and said any cuts will be “nothing like Yakuza 3.”

The one part of Yakuza 4 definitely dropped from the Western release is Answer X Answer, an interactive Japanese game show. Japanese trivia had been cut from Yakuza 3 because it was considered something that might be too exotic for Western gamers, but Webber said the content was not the concern this time. The technology was. Answer X Answer is comprised of 16-bit-style old-school graphics, much of its text rendered in custom-animated fonts. The labor involved in re-doing all of Answer’s text in English would keep Yakuza 4 from making its spring 2011 release date.

Source: Kotaku

When Yakuza 3 was released in Japan, Sega took great pains into getting a western release done, of course, announced late in the game and with a mere 6 months before actual launch, content was expected to be cut off entirely. With Yakuza 4 they had much more time to announce it and plan in advance, so who knows, maybe then won’t pull a stunt like HostessGate this time.

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