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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Price and Date Release revealed!

September 28, 2010

In chilli dogs we trust.And it will certainly be a very touchy subject:

The game will be available for download on the iTunes App Store starting Oct. 7, the Wii Shop Channel on Oct. 11 (15th Oct in EMEA territories), the PlayStation Network on Oct. 12 in America (Oct 13th in EMEA territories), and Xbox Live Arcade on Oct. 13 across all territories.

Sonic 4 will be priced at 1500 Wii Points on WiiWare, 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade, and $14.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 / AU$19.95 on the PlayStation Network.

Wow, 1200 MS Points is certainly a lot for a DLC title, you can get Sonic Unleashed on GamesOnDemand for slightly more than that. Who knows at this rate, it might be cheaper to wait for a complete boxed version with all the episodes(should it arrive soon). Maybe perhaps it’s the price that we have to pay to relive those nostalgic moments.

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