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Sega is sorry for cuting part of Yakuza 3’s content

September 21, 2010

Nothing sparked that much outrage when Sega announced that in order to make their March deadline for Yakuza 3’s western release, it had cut out a lot of content, most notorious being the Hostess clubs, the game was released, but they were never really forgiven for that, and today Sega issued an apology on the matter:

Sega has discussed why it cut content fromYazuka 3‘s Western release.

Series producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said that removing mini-games and hostess bars were a “business decision” to make it more appealing to non-Japanese audiences.

“At the time there was an argument with Sega internally that in order to make the game more compatible and appealing to the Western market, we would do better off removing those mini-games that are hard to understand and heavily rooted in Japanese culture,” he told DS.

“We did what we thought would be good for the Western market, but after the game was released we received a lot of feedback from users in the complete opposite direction, asking for complete content.

“Learning from that experience this time, we’ve tried to include all content in the Japanese version you see in [Yakuza 4].”

Kikuchi said that he was “pleased” with the feedback from Western audiences but did not anticipate it.

“It was a big surprise for us. I’m definitely pleased that people wanted to see more, but at the same time, I feel sorry for the fans who were let down by the cut content.”

I think Sega dropped the ball in the sense that if the whole point was to experience japanese culture(the trailers that were released suggested as much), it would make sense to include as much of that into the western release game. Hope they learned their lesson with the upcoming Yakuza 4.

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