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Valkyria Chronicles 3 is coming to the PSP!

September 15, 2010

In another rather shocking move, the third Valkyria Chronicles title will land once again on Sony’s portable console, AndriaSang reports:

Valkyria Chronicles 3 ceased to be a mystery title when it accidentally appeared on a Tokyo Game Show event schedule off Sega’s official site. But the game’s platform remained a mystery — until now.

Famitsu confirms this week that Sega will be bringing Valkyria 3 to the PlayStation Portable. A retail and download release is set for January 27, priced respectively ¥6,279 and ¥5,660.

The magazine has a huge blowout on the game, which is fully titled Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles

Similar to the changes Sega made for VC2, part 3 will have an original story with an original cast. It’s set in 1935’s Europe and tells the story once again of war-torn Gallia. This is the same time period as the original Valkyria, but the story is all new.

The story is centered on Gallian Army squad 422, also known as the Nameless. This group, consisting of criminals, deserters and other baddies, gets its name because its members are referred to by number rather than name.

I was not expecting this, but then again, Sega did say a while  back that would focus a lot more on PSP, so a portable Valkyria Chronicles sequel does not seem far-fetched.

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