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Is Sonic Colors upstaging Sonic 4? Maybe, here’s what I think…

September 11, 2010

There’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that Sonic 4 is something that fans have craved for years, yet the mainstream video game journalist have taken a liking to Sonic Colors, perhaps leaving this special downloadable title out of the loop. But why does Sonic Colors seem to be getting more attention? I think the answer is simple: Because Sonic Colors has to prove itself that much more than Sonic 4 has to.

Allow me to explain, when was the last time a good 3D Sonic game came around? The 3D Sonic games had lost all their credibility when Sonic the Hedgehog(the 2006 game) was a critical disaster and an overall mess, part of the blame lied with Sonic Team director Shun Nakamura not used to doing something with the size and scope of a Sonic game, which resulted in a buggy, unfinished mess that you normally associate with budget Wii and PS2 titles.

In a sense, it has become a joke and later iterations such as Sonic and The Black Knight didn’t help matters either. Then Sonic Unleashed came around, while the Werehog was an infamous selling point, there’s was something seriously good about the regular Sonic stages, so Sonic Team took the parts that worked with SU and applied it to Sonic Colors.

And think of the headlines: A good 3D Sonic game? It’s something you joke about for so long that could potentially come true and there’s a sense that Sonic Colors could very well break that streak of bad 3D Sonic games. And that’s why I think Sonic 4 is getting a little sidelined, because frankly nobody expects a 2D Sonic game to be bad, the 2D Sonic games have always been very good to decent, while the hype is there, Sonic 4 doesn’t have the same pressure, says I, to perform as well as Sonic Colors has to.

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  1. tailsthehedgehog permalink
    September 11, 2010 12:27 pm

    I think the other reason is that while Sonic Colours is being released over the well rooted mainstream medium of the Wii, Sonic 4 has been conceived for the infantile downloadable option, a medium you don’t normally associate with NEW and BIG games. This might change in years to come, but for now the DLC option has normally been reserved for small, casual title or nostalgia.

  2. maxcady128 permalink
    September 11, 2010 12:46 pm

    Well, I had that feeling too. For me, having a brand new Sonic game released over Digital distribution does not have the same impact as buying a new boxed game from the store.

    However, I haven’t given up on Sega possibly releasing a boxed version with all the Sonic 4 episodes included.


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