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Takashi Iizuka makes bold statement about Sonic Colors

September 10, 2010

Takashi Iizuka promises that Sonic Colors will be very good:

Sonic Colours Producer Takashi Iizuka has told GamerZines that he believes his upcoming Wii/DS Sonic game will be “as good as or even better than the 2D Sonic games”, saying that Sonic Team have ironed out the kinks from previous games to make it the best 3D Sonic game yet.

“The team think they know the problem (with 3D Sonic games),” said IIzuka-san talking to us earlier in the week, “but the reason behind it is because those games in 3D didn’t live up to the expectation of the fans.

“In Sonic Colours, the team looked back at previous Sonic games and looked at the pros and cons of each title, and they hope they have addressed all the goods and bads in Sonic Colours.

“We believe that this Sonic game is as good as or even better than the 2D Sonic games.”

Hopefully, this game will break the curse that has plagued the Sonic series since Sonic Heroes. A Good 3D Sonic? Probably yes. But Best 3D Sonic game? That remains to be seen.

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