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1UP’s and Gamespot’s Review of Valkyria Chronicles 2

September 9, 2010

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Two of the biggest media outlets out there have their reviews in, and all in all Valkyria Chronicles is looking pretty good. Gamespot dished it an 8/10, while 1Up handed it a B+.


Staying on top of the stats, symbols, tech trees, and nested menus will keep you working hard, and the game especially punishes laziness or recklessness later on, but the experience as a whole is cerebral and rewarding.


Time will tell whether Valkyria Chronicles will ultimately break out and become a mainstream favorite; but with two quality games now under its belt, the series certainly deserves any success that comes its way.

Eurogamer also awarded an 8/10, and IGN a 9/10. Can’t say they’re mixed reviews, so well done Valkyria Chronicles 2!

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