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1Up’s Vanquish Preview

September 2, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vanquish Boss Battle, posted with vodpod

And now it’s time for another Vanquish Preview! Under the watchful eye of many gaming outlets, Vanquish has steadily lived up to, and is expected to live up to upon debut, the pedigree of Platinum Games.  Why? This time 1up is going to tell us why.  Thierry Nguyen is the man behind the pen, and he puts heavy emphasis on the dual-culture nature of Vanquish, saying:

there’s a pretty equal blend of Japanese aesthetics and style with traditional Western cover-based gunplay…

Which is all very great, it’s all we’ve been hearing about these last few months. The tasty stuff is in the gameplay:

While the aiming and the shooting are generally responsive like any other shooter, it’s the combination of the extra style bits outlined earlier that make Vanquish feel special. It’s a game where I can powerslide into a robot and uppercut them with a move straight out of Street Fighter.

The preview is of decent size, and you can read the full thing in the link above. Standing out from the crowd in a smooth blend of over-the-top Japanese aesthetics and western gunplay mechanics? Stomping onto America’s turf and telling them they’re not the only ones that can make this sort of thing awesome? Vanquish, come on over.

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