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SEGA Packs for PAX

August 26, 2010

I spy with my lil' eye something beginning with 'S'.

I’ll bet my left sneaker that pun’s already been used. I’ll bet my one remaining sneaker that I used that very same pun this time last year.

Anyway, whatever the pun, SEGA’s off to the Penny Arcade Expo, and not only should you care because it’s sick, but SEGA’s also throwing away copious amounts of swag. Remember that remote control Sonic All-Star car? Yes, that’s there, too (Why, oh ToysRUs Australia, have you not emailed me back yet?). Attend the event and the nice bods at the SEGA Community event hand you a raffle ticket. That puts you in the draw to win something out of a total of twenty prizes!

SEGA and the community team is headed to PAX 2010 to show off our games, have some fun, and throw a Community Event at the Gameworks right next to the convention center! Our community event kicks off at 8pm on Saturday and will feature live music from Cash Cash (creator of the Sonic Colors theme song), free food & drinks, access to some classic SEGA arcade games, and a chance at some of the epic swag we’re raffling off!

If you’re packing for Pax, too, then head over to the SEGA Facebook Event Page to let them know you’re on your way and in it to win it.

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