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Vanquish Blogs #7&8

August 20, 2010

And you thought Dino Run had lots of explosions.

Just when you think they’ve forgotten about you, there goes those wonderful bods from Platinum Games releasing two brand new blogs on the upcoming 3rd person shooter, Vanquish. Lovely. Meet Takeo Kido, who led the team behind the effects of Vanquish.

The first post, called ‘Shrapnel’, goes into detail about the maximum flashiness of Vanquish. Director Mikami declared very early on in development, according to the post to the post, that he wanted as much going on on-screen as possible. Kido says:

We wanted to have maximum amplitude, so when the bullets are flying everywhere, you’d want to say, “Somebody save me!” Explosions would be booming around you, and shrapnel would be flying everywhere” … “At the risk of causing a misunderstanding, we were going with quantity over quality because in the end quantity would be quality.

The second, penned by the same developer, is called “The Birth of Boost”, which focuses on Sam Gideon’s ability to boost forwards from the power expelled by ‘big protrusions round his hips’ and the jet-pack staple.

“And if we made it so that jets could fly out of multiple directions, it would be a great excuse to have Sam do some really unbelievable actions that would look visually stunning, don’t you think?”

And so it went…

To reviewers ‘Visually Stunning’ is pretty much a four-letter word, but I’m getting the feeling we’ll be seeing it a lot in months to come.

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