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Sega reveals many changes in Sonic 4

August 20, 2010

As tailsthehedgehog has revealed in this post, we’ve had a brand new look at the new revamped Lost Labyrinth stage. And yesterday Sega posted on their blog a rundown of what has changed. Remember this? Well, Sega appears to have done just that:

By far the biggest change in today’s list, Lost Labyrinth Act II has long been a huge subject of debate among fans, most notably for the Minecart mechanic which was present in one of the early designs of the level. As many of you saw in screenshots yesterday, we have some great news on this front:

We’re happy to confirm that the entire level has now been revamped and finalized for consoles, this time featuring a new torch mechanic that adds to the exploration and the platforming (Yes, Sonic is more than just speed!) of the act. Much of the act is pitch black save for the torchlight around you, and there are new parts of the environment that you can use the torch to interact with, blowing up parts of the level to make new paths, or even triggering hidden parts of the ancient ruins that can help you move forward.


The second update we can confirm today is that we’ve slightly changed the way Sonic looks when he’s running, including when building up speed. You can see a little of this in some of the screenshots of Act II on the Sonic 4 website, and it’s most noticeable when you’re running at full speed. This change is a smaller one that probably only the biggest fans will take note of, but we’re happy with the new tweaks here, and we hope you guys will be too.


On the subject of running really fast, one of the other big things people noted was the speed at which Sonic would accelerate into his full run speed, trademarked by the blurry feet from the original Sonic games. In the E3 build and earlier versions of the game, triggering Sonic’s blurry feet took longer than it did in the original games, and in some cases you’d be running at near maximum speed but wouldn’t have the blur going on.

So we changed it.

Now, you’ll be able to trigger the blurry feet faster, and in a time frame more comparable to the classics. Another minor change overall, but we hope it will preserve a bit more of the traditional feel that many older fans are looking for. (The picture above isn’t the running blur, but we’ll show off what it looks like in action soon.)


Everyone loves a bit of challenge every now and then (or you should), but it’s important to make a fine distinction between challenging and frustrating. One particular part of Lost Labyrinth has been changed among our tweaks to difficulty, and the section, which was originally pretty difficult, (even I’ll admit) is now much easier. Additional changes were looked at throughout the game, but this one, for those who know what I’m talking about, is probably the best news from the bunch.

Wow, Sega seems to taking it very seriously with the fans, when you think about. Maybe it was a good idea to have the entire early build leaked in order to produce a higher quality experience.

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  1. tailsthehedgehog permalink
    August 21, 2010 12:16 pm

    Maybe – though I was giving some thought to the length of the game not too long ago. I do hope this ‘tweak’ SEGA have made with the difficulty concerning Lost Labyrinth does not necassarily extend all over the game. It would be rather anti-climatic to finally get this game, and then have it finished in a few hours (though I will bet some people will, anyway!)

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