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Vanquish Blog #6

August 12, 2010


I’m thinking that these developors like talking about their creation more than they do actually creating it – not that I’m complaining! Here’s Naoki Katakai, art director and lead background designer of Vanquish to talk to us about the upcoming third-person shooter straight from the Vanquish Blog. Head on over to read on Katakai-san has to say about developing the world of Vanquish, but before you do indulge in what is an interesting and enlightening experience behind the scenes of this ambitious project, how’s this for some cultural context?

I’m curious as to what everyone sees in their heads when they hear the idea of a space colony. It seems as if this changes generationally. I’m in the latter half of my 30s, so for me, when I hear the words space colony, the only thing that pops into my head is Gundam.

I’ve just survived into the latter half of my teens, and when I think ‘Space Colony’ I’m thinking Star Wars… or Futurama. No – strike that, not Futurama.

Go and read the Vanquish Blog.

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