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The Voices of the New Sonic and Tails!

July 22, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Game Toon Zone, posted with vodpod

You may want to skip to about the two minute mark, unless you feel like spending two minutes of your life listening to a guy in a Gandalf cloak blather on without a script. Anyway, The Game Toon Zone has put together a clip of demo voices recorded by new Sonic cast voice actors Roger Craig Smith (Sonic) and Kate Higgins (Tails)! But before you exclaim ‘Flapping flickies!’ Gandalf-man does say that these are only demo voices and it is not certain whether or not Smith or Higgins will actually use them for Sonic and Tails respectively, but this is the first taste of what we may be privileged/victim to come Sonic Colours’ release, which these may have been intended for. So, does that mean that these are maybe part of the games’ script?

The first few demo’s of Sonic sound a little shaky and… irritating, but a few I could true blue picture coming from the blue-blurs mouth. Tails is in a bit more of a tailspin, and is back to sounding like he permanently has a blocked nasal cavity, but let’s remember, they’re demos. And in the words of Gandalf-man to Smith and Higgins, we welcome you to this vast and exciting franchise!

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