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Sonic Free Riders Price

July 21, 2010

$50(US)? Does that make the cake a lie?

Today Microsoft announced that rumoured $150 price tag for the upcoming Kinect. And, according to a recent Kotaku report, that means we can expect to be set back $50 a game.   But that could swing up or down slightly – Tristan Oliver from TSSZ said:

Most recently, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sold at a launch price of about $50 on both XBOX 360 and PS3–though today, most retailers will let you pick it up for just $30 and tax.  That suggests Sonic Free Riders may see a bare minimum launch price of $40–and there’s nothing stopping Sega from asking full price for it on launch day.

A fair brain-pick I’d say. We’ll see what time says.

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