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Shinji Mikami on the Vanquish Blog

July 9, 2010

A blog within a blog being advertised on another blog.

Continuing our Vanquish trend we happily report that the Vanquish Blog was kicked off from within the Platinum Games blog, with Director Shinji Mikami giving us an entry on his newest brainchild – references to Casshern, you say?

After I finished up God Hand, I didn’t have a team to work with, so I spent about a year and a half staring out a window. Soon thereafter, I was finally back at work in the studio. Vanquish is my first title after this period of almost running away from being a creator. The design of the game started with my initial desire to make a game like the Japanese animated series Casshern, as well as my desire to challenge myself by making a shooter with an incredible sense of speed and no “slogging through” sections.

Shinji-san continues on in his entry to chat about the balance of the game’s dual elements; it’s action and shooter natures. But go read it all for yourself, already!

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