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Vanquish: Shooter Gameplay trailer

July 7, 2010

Ever gone ice-skating? Ever tried to impress your friends by skating extremely fast, only to topple over backwards onto your rear and slides forwards painfully  for a good five metres before coming to a raw and undignified stop? Sam can do that! But with rockets attached to his butt! Cool bum-sliding and frenetic slo-mo shooting/sniping/piloting giant star-wars-esque robots arounder-ing, ensues in what has been called “The love child of Bayonetta and Master Chief…”. The 360 is flooded with sci-fi shooters featuring men clad in enough armour to protect half an army, so let’s cross our fingers and hope Shinji Mikami delivers yet another sttand-out title. It certainly looks like no matter what you do in this game, it’s going to be done with flair.

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