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Sonic 4 Storyline Explained

July 1, 2010

In Chilli-Dogs we trust.

Courtesy of TSSZ, here is another video just found squeezing its way out the multitude of media clamouring for attention even now after E3 is well and truly over, and this time Ken Balough is here to tell us fans where exactly Sonic 4 sits, and teases some clues on how the storyline is going frolick during this series. Hit the jump to find the vid.

Just to quickly flip in my two-penneth worth, darling Ken repeats ‘the storyline is going to explode’ on numerous occassions – this could be just a tease to make us think this saga is going to be bigger than it actually is, or we might be looking forwards to storyline that expands further than the monotonously conventional,  ‘bad guy, good guy, good guy must beat bad guy’ arrangement. Furthermore, Ken actually says the word ‘saga’, not, say, ‘trilogy’. Just a tidbit worth giving a tip of your thinking-cap.

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