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Sonic 4 iPhone versions runs at 30fps! Video inside.

June 30, 2010

Sonic Stadium was at E3 and had a look at the iPhone version of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and had these videos from the show.

Here’s the full detail:

The other control form he showed us was a much more arcade-like “Tilt Mode”. Here on act 2, he controlled Sonic by tilting the iPhone left and right and made him come to a complete stop by having it level. Also, you make Sonic jump by tapping anywhere on the screen. This motion control also makes it a different experience on certain obstacles. For example, when he got to the jungle vines, he had to swing the iPhone back and forth for momentum on the vine before jumping off. One thing I found very odd however, was the way to perform the spin dash. Simply put, you tap Sonic himself. This means you have to tilt with one hand and tap him with your finger completely blocking your view. Hopefully, they change this for the final version.

One last thing to report on is the graphics. Currently, the game runs at 30fps. That’s half of what the 360 and Wii versions run but hey, it’s a smaller, less powerful system so that’s to be expected. One thing I really like is when Sonic runs on loop-de-loops. The entire screen loops around with him. This would be dizzying on a larger console version, but here it looks cool. One cool thing he showed us that wasn’t shown to many people on the floor was Sonic’s exclusive idle animation. When bored, Sonic whips out an iPod and holds it to his ear. Tapping his foot and snapping his fingers to the music. Talk about your “Sonic Jam”.

Sonic’s exclusive animation sounds so awesome!

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