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The US games market is one of Sega’s current top priorities

June 27, 2010

This piece of info is a few days old, but it’s worth mentioning. According to, Sega wants to have a much bigger presence in the US market:

“What I need to do is find games that are more appropriate for the American territory. That is very much where the focus for the company is going to be, whether that is in acquisition or working with developers on commissions to create more product for the American market. Where those brands may be less successful in the US is where we have a bigger task in pulling Sega back to the position it was. We want Sega in the US to be in as good a position as it is in Europe. …We’re never complacent. We’re happy with our position in Europe, but I need to be able to build the American business quite aggressively over the next three to five years.” – Sega West president Mike Hayes

We here at Sega Neptune also agree, while Sega has had a stronger hold on the european market, it’s also vital to get into a much bigger and more competitive market such as the US market. And games like Aliens vs Predator should be a good place to start and Vanquish could also be quite big in the US, if marketed properly.

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