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Sonic 4 iPhone Previews

June 16, 2010

TouchArcade, a cool little place dedicated to iPhone games, had the privilege to experience a hands on with Sonic 4 – Episode 1 at E3. Take a look below:

I did like how the SEGA rep was hinting at ‘opening the floodgates’ for epsidoe 2 in terms of gameplay style, they did mention, paraphrase, that they were trying in Episode 1  to: ‘re-introduce you to the nostalgic feel [of classic Sonic]”, so, if Episode 1 is re-introducing us, can we assume Episdoe 2 will take us somewhere new?

And, IGN are kicking back and relaxing in Splash Hill Zone with them – so let’s jump on the bandwagon with yet another preview. Levi Buchanan analyses the physics and gameplay construction, so take a look at their preview here or just take a squiz at an excerpt:

Though Sonic 4 is still early, it ran pretty well on the demo iPhone. The visuals are adapted from the console version of the game and look crisp. The colors really popped off the screen, reminding me of the classic “blue sky” aesthetic that made Sonic so popular two decades ago. You know, before developers went through the dark days of grays and browns.

And I was glad to hear Levi compare this to Sonic’s previous jogs in the iPhone, and in the end hold Sonic 4 above these previous installments – I myself have Sonic 2 on iPhone, but the D-pad’s irritating set up quickly diverted my attention to Doodle Jump. That says it all.

Sonic 4 for the iPhone has no concrete release date as of yet, but we can expect one to nearby the Xbox Live Arcade release.

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