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TSSZNews reveals important changes in Sonic 4

May 29, 2010

The controversial level appears to have been removed

TSSZNews did promise a revelation about Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and let me tell you it’s quite a shocker, TSSZNews reveals:

We’ve confirmed some of the game’s most controversial material will be removed in the final console release, and exist only in its mobile edition.

According to an independent source speaking to TSSZ News on condition of anonymity, much of the so-called “gimmicks” placed in Act 2 levels, including the much maligned Mine Cart setup from Lost Labyrinth Act 2 and the Casino Street score attack, will shift to the release on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch–the most significant result of both video leaks from the game and subsequent fan backlash.

Their source goes to explain what was the likely cause for such a change:

Our source tells TSSZ News that the gimmick acts were built mostly to show off the capabilities of motion control–something only Wii and PS3 players can take advantage of. After the XBOX360 edition of Sonic 4leaked using a workaround to those controls and reaction turned sour, the internal decision to revise was made, according to our tipster.  Even though two of three major consoles presently support motion control, our source very specifically stated the gimmicks are now only for the mobile edition, where Apple’s built-in accelerometer can be utilized.

If that is the case, that would explain why the game received such a huge delay, they would need to take some time to work on those particular levels and maybe tweak those physics(though, personally, this was always a weird issue in all of the classic Sonic games).

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