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Top 3 – Most hopelessly single Sega characters

May 5, 2010

With Mike Thorton being a genuine ladie’s man, I’m sure they will be no shortage of gamers wanting to win over all the major female characters in the game.

However, there are at least 3 prime examples of Sega characters who are not only single but they have no shred a hope of even getting a date. These individuals are highly gifted at what they do, except in area that counts: social skills.

Taking of these three gentleman would result on a disastrous date and a slew of awkward stares.

And today we list three of them:

Number 3 – Akira Yuki(Virtua Fighter The Animation)

Boy, this lad needs to check his priorities, in the Tv Show that not many might remember, he gets things off on the wrong foot when he kisses a girl after eating dozens of garlic dumplings. Not a good ice breaker. For all his martial arts expertise, he doesn’t seem quite seem to know how to give a proper compliment to a girl, to which his friend Jacky Bryant then replies: ”  I think I’ve figured out your problem. It’s basically your entire personality “. We agree, stop stuffing your mouth with food and try to be a gentleman for once.

Number 2 – Knuckles the Echidna

When it comes to his social skills, Knuckles is in a whole different level of clumsiness. We can’t blame the lad, much like the mighty Son Goku, who lived in a forest through most of his life not seeing a single human being, Knuckles himself can’t seem to connect with any female, but that’s what you get when you are tasked with guarding a huge emerald on an Island to which you do nothing. While being an expert brawler, he is the most shy, he would run away from the mere sight of a bikini catalogue, so if you’re a crook and if you ever have Knuckles chasing you, the best place to hide you’d be a cabaret. We could only wonder that Knuckles would die of sheer embarrasment in the seedy streets of Tokyo in the Yakuza series, after seeing a hostess bar or two. But as hopeless as he is, he’s nothing compared to the number one, which is…

Number 1 – Ryo Hazuki

Ryo Hazuki is one odd dude, he will simply refuse food from any girl, he will more times than not get distracted by everything else(that black car, sailors, toy capsules and Megumi’s cat) while talking to a girl, he will say the most awkward lines while talking to Nozomi( “If what you decided, it’s what you decided”, like what is that?) and he will make the most awkward comparisons between a Fangmei Xun’s eyes and those of a cat. It doesn’t matter how many lovely girls Yu Suzuki can cram onto the two installments, who, for reasons beyond our understanding, still go gaga for him even if he wears the same clothes for weeks on end. Weeks of training in the dojo with Fuku-san and crouching near the arcade buying all the capsule toys. But he still doesn’t take the hint. Which is why he ranks number one of our hopelessly single Sega characters of all… All time.


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